What is ‘Sign in with Apple’ feature?

Oct 12, 2019 iOS Dev
‘Sign in with Apple’

Can you suggest any application which after downloading from the play store doesn’t want your Sign-in with any account? I guess there are no such apps that will avoid using your Sing-in. Suppose you want to operate any app then first you have to sign-in with either Facebook or Google we all know. I have an alternative for you which are just for Apple user and most of you are unaware of it. If you hear everything when Apple created the IOS13 preview then you all know about “Sign-in with Apple”.

“Sign in with Apple” the alternative of signing-in process.

I have found this for you which is properly secure if you have any doubts to sign-in with Google or Facebook account. How it is secure let me share as here you only have to sign-in with Apple ID and no such Facebook account and password you have to share so you can blindly trust on “Sign-in with Apple”. I have more information related to this topic and I guess most of you created interested to know about Sign-in with Apple after you get to know about security. Let me share more such details so keep reading till last. 

‘Sign in with Apple’

How to use “Sign-in with Apple”, when you need?

When something introduced by any company then it’s important to know how to use it on your mobile phones. Read out the steps given below to use it smoothly.

  • First you need to look at those sites or applications which simply support “Sign-in with Apple”. This searching process is too tough because all sites are not supporting this.
  • Suppose you find out the site or application and you download it on your phone, your screen highlighted with a button which says “sign-in with Apple”.
  • After this, you need to select the log-in option and yes if you are looking for proper security then tap on “Hide my mail”.
  • Now you have signed in and of course, you can check your privacy by watching where it lists your email address. 

Reasons why Sign-in with Apple is best choice for you

-Biometric Authentication

Most of you need protection and looking for the topmost security so this new AppleID can bring all such. You are allowed to log-in with your FaceID, TouchID and passcode option too. The biometric option is available so that no other person can operate this log-in process instead of you so a plus point if using “Sign-in with Apple”. 

-Two-factor authentication

Most of you are aware about the two-factor authentication as it mostly on the web when you need to sign-in. This is basically to verify your device simply like when you sign-in into iCloud in a new device. So folks, this two-factor authentication is available and yes required to “sign-in with Apple”.


Apple doesn’t want information like about the application you are using or where you have an account. Developer doesn’t need any such information that you don’t want to share with them. The decision is related to privacy as if you operate sign-in with Apple for any app then you are free to run any application. 

-Maintain your sign-in with Apple Data

Do you know what special work Apple has done for you? They maintain the on-device list of your application and website. You need to open your setting first then tap on your profile, select your password and security and last tap on “Apps using your Apple ID” option. Please don’t disable it because the information you share will still remain to the developer. 

What requirements developer has to fulfill for sign-in with Apple?

  • Apple shares the deadline for this sign-in with Apple feature and that is April month in 2020. Yes, the feature may not be available after that.
  • You can see the option of sign-in with Apple but websites are not required to use this. Also, applications that have websites do have sign-in with Apple.
  • Every application that offers the feature of sign-in with Google or sign-in with Twitter will also require offering this new “sign-in with Apple”.

Instead of filling out lengthy form with your personal data you just need to ‘sign in with Apple’. This is the simplest process to make an account to use any downloaded app. Its two factor authentication enhances its security. So no need to worry, just ‘Sign in with Apple’ and experience any app.

This is all about Sign in with Apple. To know more kindly get in touch with us. Till then keep reading keep sharing.

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