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Uber self-driving test has been failed found flaws in the software.

We all are familiar with Uber Company which provides ride sharing services to people almost around the world. Uber is a good public vehicle which we can book to go anywhere in the country. Uber is a big American company which provides you vehicle with drivers and without drivers too. Didn’t get my point? Yes […]

Apple started working on its next-generation iPhone, details have been leaked!

Recently Apple launched its new series phone and that is iPhone 11 on 20th Sep 2019. Apart from this, Apple is in talk for introducing its new series iPhone 12. The detail of iPhone 12 has been leaked. Apple users are happy to know about the feature. In this article I am going to revealed […]

Your Alexa and Google Home could be a phishing tool!

We always update you about this hacking process of phishing concept only in smartphones but now the time to alert you people but not for the smartphone users. Here we are mentioning smart assistants called Alexa and Google Home which is now the victim of this phishing matter. We don’t know how much time hackers […]

Get ready to experience Ultrasonic Touch Technology in smartphones!

The trend of market is changing time to time. This time people care for quality not for money. If they got better quality at high rate then its okay for them. Smartphone users are now focusing more on the display. Nowadays smartphone businesses are growing on the next level and bring a huge impact on […]

India and Germany may sign agreement on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence! This is one of the technologies that our Indian government is focusing on and they want the technology should be beneficial for the agriculture sector in the coming months. For this Technology to offer, India decided to shake hands and looking to sign the agreement with Germany. The Chancellor of Germany Angela Markel […]

‘Dtrack Malware’ is still active and being used in cyber-attacks

Disappointment! Yes, we are. Again hackers are in the main headlines because of their corrupt work using malicious software. We don’t understand how they came, how they plan the strategies to steal user’s data or how they finish every task simply.  Nobody shared any kind of solution to stay safe from these hacking. Right now […]

Experience the mobile cover like human skin to take the touch tech to the next level!

If you have read out our previous blog regarding the artificial skin on Humanoid robot then we are sure that you understand completely about artificial skin. Now the experts are looking to show something extra-ordinary for you but this time it’s not on the robot. Researchers said that they are focusing on developing a new […]