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Brave officially launch its version 1.0 outfits privacy focused web browser.

Chrome, Browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, DuckDuckGo, Safari, and many more are the web browsers that we use to search anything on Google. Although these browsers are very old yet some of them provide the best browsing experience. But as the technology is moving and shaping in this fast growing world, we are introduced to new […]

Apple started working on its next-generation iPhone, details have been leaked!

Recently Apple launched its new series phone and that is iPhone 11 on 20th Sep 2019. Apart from this, Apple is in talk for introducing its new series iPhone 12. The detail of iPhone 12 has been leaked. Apple users are happy to know about the feature. In this article I am going to revealed […]

“Play Pass” the rival of Apple Arcade will be launched soon!

Apple and Android are the two big giants of the smartphone app market. Both these companies are always quarreling with each other regarding the domination in their respective aspects. Well, get ready for another fight as both of them have decided to launch their projects ‘Apple Arcade’ and ‘Google play pass’ till the end of […]