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Beyond chat Facebook launches new meme making app ‘Whale’!

Social media giant ‘Facebook’ always remains in news because of the updates it makes in the app, addition of new features, or some launch of new apps. If you are aware of the news then last month, Facebook announced the launch of ‘Thread’ which is a new messaging app for Instagram users. This is basically […]

‘WT: Social’ is ready to defeat Facebook and Twitter!

So, how many of you have account on Facebook and Twitter? Almost everyone would have, right? These two social media giants have tremendously made their space in people’s life. Almost 70% of world population operates these two platforms. It means they’re hardly to replace by another media platform, right? No guys, not necessarily as developers […]

Facebook is using user’s data as well as phone numbers also leaked!

Hello folks! Have you been involved in any social media platform that you don’t care about its privacy matter? Privacy comes first for all and that’s what I want to explain here. No such platform is good and trusted. You heard about the YouTube application that is involved for leaking information to third-party and as […]

The new tool of Instagram to combat cyber bullying.

Hi Folks! Hope you are doing well! I want to tell you a story today. A girl in some city accepted the follow request of an unknown person on Instagram. They started reacting on each other’s post. Gradually, they started chatting, by this way the girl began trusting him. He asked questions related to her […]