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SEBI is using technologies for social media surveillance

Let me start this blog with the introduction of SEBI which stands for Stock and Exchange Board of India is a regulatory body for the stock market of India. It was established in 1992, under section 3 of SEBI Act. SEBI has power to regulate all market intermediaries and also to penalize them in case […]

India and Germany may sign agreement on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence! This is one of the technologies that our Indian government is focusing on and they want the technology should be beneficial for the agriculture sector in the coming months. For this Technology to offer, India decided to shake hands and looking to sign the agreement with Germany. The Chancellor of Germany Angela Markel […]

WAIC once again in China, let’s see what new changes are highlighting now

Hello folks! Today I will tell you the country which is well-known for its controversies everywhere. It is none other than China. Yes, of course, China is popular and the reason behind is its well-established company called Huawei. These days we all heard some Huawei concern with the US, India related to 5G concept that […]

The new tool of Instagram to combat cyber bullying.

Hi Folks! Hope you are doing well! I want to tell you a story today. A girl in some city accepted the follow request of an unknown person on Instagram. They started reacting on each other’s post. Gradually, they started chatting, by this way the girl began trusting him. He asked questions related to her […]

UK announced to trained their workers who lose their jobs due to AI.

Robots are going to snatch your jobs from you. Shocked after reading this? This is the reality of the near future. Every company is adopting the Artificial intelligence because they are becoming cheaper than the human labor. Enhanced production and minimization of operational cost is also a reason behind the adoption of artificial intelligence through […]