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What is Google and Oracle Copyright fight, why it is in talk again?

We all know that tech giant Google always remains in headlines for some launch of new apps, latest updates in Android phone, introduction of new technology and a lot more. This time it is not like that guys, because this time Google is in headlines for its wrangling or dispute with another tech giant Oracle. […]

Brave officially launch its version 1.0 outfits privacy focused web browser.

Chrome, Browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, DuckDuckGo, Safari, and many more are the web browsers that we use to search anything on Google. Although these browsers are very old yet some of them provide the best browsing experience. But as the technology is moving and shaping in this fast growing world, we are introduced to new […]

Get ready to experience Ultrasonic Touch Technology in smartphones!

The trend of market is changing time to time. This time people care for quality not for money. If they got better quality at high rate then its okay for them. Smartphone users are now focusing more on the display. Nowadays smartphone businesses are growing on the next level and bring a huge impact on […]

Google acquired FitBit to enter in wearable market

Google is looking to make its place in wearable device and trying to make position in market of fitness tracker and Smart watches. Today they purchased a wearable company for earning some fruit of investment. Report says Google parent company Alphabet is now in focus of purchasing wearable Company and that’s true and today its […]

Google officially announced to launch “Stadia” in 19th November

Apple lovers are happy with the introduction of the “Apple Arcade” gaming service as it was already launched last month. Now, most of you can say Google copy the concept of Apple and it’s because if you attended the event of Pixel4, here Google introduced “Google Stadia” for their users. It is cloud based gaming […]

After January 2020, only Android 10 will run

Congratulations to Google again for getting good reviews about the newly operating system Android10. It has been launched in September 2019 and now Google is planning to run this operating system in every android phone after January 2020. Users like this feature and new concept which Google presented in Android10 as we already explained you […]