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Your Alexa and Google Home could be a phishing tool!

We always update you about this hacking process of phishing concept only in smartphones but now the time to alert you people but not for the smartphone users. Here we are mentioning smart assistants called Alexa and Google Home which is now the victim of this phishing matter. We don’t know how much time hackers […]

‘Amazon Prime holder’ beware with this scam

I don’t think so I have to ask from everybody that “Are you Amazon Prime Holder” or not. Reason behind is that everybody loves online shopping from Amazon. Its feature is completely unique and comfortable. According to my personal shopping experience no platform can match this level. The features, products, design and easy access all you […]

UK announced to trained their workers who lose their jobs due to AI.

Robots are going to snatch your jobs from you. Shocked after reading this? This is the reality of the near future. Every company is adopting the Artificial intelligence because they are becoming cheaper than the human labor. Enhanced production and minimization of operational cost is also a reason behind the adoption of artificial intelligence through […]