Google presented a new Assistant feature for kids.

OK Google! We all are familiar with this line which appear on Google when we search through our voice. With the help of Google Assistant, our searching work gets easier as we no need to type long sentences any more. In case if you don’t know then Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant […]

Uber is looking to start ride with Audio Recording for safety!

Do you feel safe while riding in a hired taxy? Don’t you feel like being assault by drivers or chances he is taking you to unknown or unwanted place? Guys, we do feel insecure in hired taxies especially when we ride alone. Many passengers don’t feel safe while riding alone in taxis because the safety […]

Paytm warning: Fraudster trying to steal from bank account

In this digitized world, people prefer online transaction to traditional transaction (off line shopping). Though online transactions make our work and life easy yet it can be dangerous sometimes while making transaction. Many people use apps through which they can make payment such as iMobile, eBay, Paytm, WhatsApp, etc. but do you know money can […]

Beyond chat Facebook launches new meme making app ‘Whale’!

Social media giant ‘Facebook’ always remains in news because of the updates it makes in the app, addition of new features, or some launch of new apps. If you are aware of the news then last month, Facebook announced the launch of ‘Thread’ which is a new messaging app for Instagram users. This is basically […]

SEBI is using technologies for social media surveillance

Let me start this blog with the introduction of SEBI which stands for Stock and Exchange Board of India is a regulatory body for the stock market of India. It was established in 1992, under section 3 of SEBI Act. SEBI has power to regulate all market intermediaries and also to penalize them in case […]

ISRO is planning to land on moon again with Chandrayaan-3!

The whole world witnessed to what India lost at the time of Chandrayaan-2 mission. Though ISRO attempted to make history in September this year by putting a lander on the Moon with Chandrayaan-2, somehow because of the poor connection with vikram lander, the mission got failed. However, ISRO is ready to try again for its […]

‘WT: Social’ is ready to defeat Facebook and Twitter!

So, how many of you have account on Facebook and Twitter? Almost everyone would have, right? These two social media giants have tremendously made their space in people’s life. Almost 70% of world population operates these two platforms. It means they’re hardly to replace by another media platform, right? No guys, not necessarily as developers […]

What is Google and Oracle Copyright fight, why it is in talk again?

We all know that tech giant Google always remains in headlines for some launch of new apps, latest updates in Android phone, introduction of new technology and a lot more. This time it is not like that guys, because this time Google is in headlines for its wrangling or dispute with another tech giant Oracle. […]