Category: Technology

Google presented a new Assistant feature for kids.

OK Google! We all are familiar with this line which appear on Google when we search through our voice. With the help of Google Assistant, our searching work gets easier as we no need to type long sentences any more. In case if you don’t know then Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant […]

Uber is looking to start ride with Audio Recording for safety!

Do you feel safe while riding in a hired taxy? Don’t you feel like being assault by drivers or chances he is taking you to unknown or unwanted place? Guys, we do feel insecure in hired taxies especially when we ride alone. Many passengers don’t feel safe while riding alone in taxis because the safety […]

Experience the mobile cover like human skin to take the touch tech to the next level!

If you have read out our previous blog regarding the artificial skin on Humanoid robot then we are sure that you understand completely about artificial skin. Now the experts are looking to show something extra-ordinary for you but this time it’s not on the robot. Researchers said that they are focusing on developing a new […]