Category: Cybersecurity

Paytm warning: Fraudster trying to steal from bank account

In this digitized world, people prefer online transaction to traditional transaction (off line shopping). Though online transactions make our work and life easy yet it can be dangerous sometimes while making transaction. Many people use apps through which they can make payment such as iMobile, eBay, Paytm, WhatsApp, etc. but do you know money can […]

ISRO received warning for possible cyber-attack!

Yes guys, you read it right. Indian Space Research Organization received a warning or an alert of a possible cyberattack on its system early this year.  According to report, it is claimed that the ISRO received warning at the time of launching Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft’s Vikram lander on the moon. ISRO has been in news since […]

Your Alexa and Google Home could be a phishing tool!

We always update you about this hacking process of phishing concept only in smartphones but now the time to alert you people but not for the smartphone users. Here we are mentioning smart assistants called Alexa and Google Home which is now the victim of this phishing matter. We don’t know how much time hackers […]

‘Dtrack Malware’ is still active and being used in cyber-attacks

Disappointment! Yes, we are. Again hackers are in the main headlines because of their corrupt work using malicious software. We don’t understand how they came, how they plan the strategies to steal user’s data or how they finish every task simply.  Nobody shared any kind of solution to stay safe from these hacking. Right now […]

The new tool of Instagram to combat cyber bullying.

Hi Folks! Hope you are doing well! I want to tell you a story today. A girl in some city accepted the follow request of an unknown person on Instagram. They started reacting on each other’s post. Gradually, they started chatting, by this way the girl began trusting him. He asked questions related to her […]